Sign service installation

If you need professional installation services for your signage, call HARVEY NEON.

For over 80 years, we've been offering our sign-making and installation services in Eastern Ontario (Ottawa, Kingston...)

Sign Installation Services

Sign Service Installation Ottawa

Once your design is completed, the experienced and licensed team at HARVEY NEON start the installation of your sign in a clean and professional manner.

Since we are a well-organized and knowledgeable team, we keep in mind your specific requirements and ensure your sign is well placed, visible and properly maintained. We comply with your deadlines and all necessary details regarding sign installation.

Sign Maintenance Services

Signage can suffer the ravages of time. With our repair and maintenance services, we ensure your signs are clean and correctly lighted. Whether some of the letterings on your sign need to be changed, or a few of the neon lights are faulty, we take care of all these small details that may impair the message of your sign.

We also do maintenance and repair works on your signs

For all your reparation and maintenance work on your signage: